Olive Grove Baptist Church Creedmoor, North Carolina
Saturday, May 23, 2015

Monthly Church Newsletter

May 2015
Comments from Our Pastor

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well.” (2 Timothy 1:5)

Paul, a pastor and friend to young Timothy, exhorts Timothy by commending him of his sincere faith. Paul, however, not only commends Timothy but also his grandmother, Lois, and mother, Eunice, for the sincerity of their faith. It is thought by many that Timothy grew up in a home where his father wasn’t the spiritual leader that he should have been. Yet what Timothy didn’t find in his father, he saw a real genuine faith in a mom and grandmother. They began a legacy of faith that made an eternal impact on Timothy but also all of those who read Paul’s letter.

May is the month that we celebrate Mom’s for the diligent care and love that they demonstrate to their families. May I encourage all moms - of all the great things that you provide for your family, whether it is meals or gifts, the greatest things that you can give your children and your grandchildren is a legacy of sincere faith. May you model a sincere faith before your family - a faith that they can follow, a legacy of faith that will endure and continue in the ages to come.


To those who are reading that are not a mom, I encourage you to look back through your life and ask yourself who in your life had that sincere faith like Lois and Eunice? How are you continuing their legacy of faith? Paul’s hope and belief was the same sincere faith that he saw in Lois and Eunice was the faith that Timothy would carry throughout his life. We have that same responsibility! May it be so! May we be seen as those with sincere faith!

Pastor Jonathan

OGBC Music Ministry

One of my favorite times of the week is Wednesday nights at 6:30.  Why?  It is the time that the choir meets in the sanctuary to prepare for upcoming services.  We call this time of the week "choir practice".  Many find the word practice as a form of work and dread, but what takes place during 45 minutes each week following the mission meal in the sanctuary is NOT your typical "practice".  The joy and freedom that is expressed through song at that time is so wonderful.  I find that during those few minutes, I am able to put aside the stress of the day and totally focus and reflect on the One who deserves all praise - Jesus! 


The talent that the Lord has given to OGBC is overwhelming.  He has poured out His blessing here at Olive Grove in the music ministry.  I firmly believe that God deserves our very best, and in order to give Him our best, we must be committed to what He has called us to do.  I can boldly say that the choir at Olive Grove is committed and dedicated to give God their very best and while they give their best, they/we enjoy doing so.  My prayer is that what takes place each Wednesday night during "choir practice" overflows each Sunday morning as we stand and publicly proclaim Jesus through song. 


Please pray for our music ministry as we seek to follow His lead for His church at Olive Grove. 

Singing for Him,
Brandi Barbee

Baptist Men and Women of Worth

The Men are planning and selling tickets for our semi-annual chicken cooking that will be held on Saturday, May 23rd.  They will need help from anyone who has some free time to come at 5:00 p.m. on Friday night, May 22nd to help clean and prepare the chickens. Be sure to see one of the men to get your tickets now!!


The men have a repair project that we are trying to coordinate in the next month and we also will be working more in our wood ministry in the next few weeks.  Please contact Gary Petty or Kevin Brown if you would like to be a part of these projects and we will let you know when we make plans to do these projects. 


The Women of Worth will be hosting their fundraiser bake sale alongside the Baptist men during the BBQ chicken cooking on May 23rd. Your help is needed and appreciated in providing baked goods for this event. The WOW will be providing the Mission Meal on Wednesday night, May 6th at 6:00 p.m.  They will be serving hot dogs with all the trimmings, baked beans, chips, desserts, and tea. Come join them for a delicious meal and help support their efforts.


It has been another fun and exciting year for our Awana program!  I have been very encouraged and privileged to work with such dedicated and awesome leaders, to see children come to our church with excitement of learning God's word, and to have fun making memories and exalting Christ through this program this year.  We have had so much support from the church and we are very grateful that this program exists here as a ministry to these young people as well as all our leaders. 


Where would we be without our Awana program? Has the Awana program made a difference in our mission as a church for Christ?  Those are the questions I ask myself at this time each year.  From the Cubbies that have covered 25 bible lessons and verses that the 2-5yr olds have memorized and sing at our homes; from the 3 books of bible stories and verses that the Sparks cover in a small one-on-one session with their leaders; from the 4 books that the T&T club covers along with real life bible lessons each night that they can apply to their lives and current situations they face in their schools; from refreshments that hit the spot each Sunday night and from the games that we all love to play and get all sweaty with, I think with God's help we have been able to reach out for Him this year. 


So I, as well as many others I believe, are very grateful for the precious moments we have had with the clubbers this past year and for the support of the church through this time.  I cannot say enough about our fantastic leaders that put in so many hours each week the entire year to make this a great experience for all.  They took on a big commitment but have shared in huge rewards also.  


Our last night of Awana will be held on May 3rd.  We will have the Awana store and a fun night to celebrate all our accomplishments.

Joey Johnson
Youth Report
Dear church family, 

I cannot say thank you enough for the kindness and support you have given me throughout the past few months. I am very excited to be able to bring Lauren into our church to come and serve along side of me. I think you will quickly see that she is an indispensable part of my ministry. I believe that she will be a great addition to our church family. She has a servant's heart and a heart for strong biblical teaching. The young girls in the youth as well as the children will benefit greatly from being around her, as she gives a great example of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. Once again, we appreciate your love and kindness that you have shown and we look forward to seeing all of you at the wedding. The kindness that you show to me and Lauren reminds us of the grace of God in our lives. 

To the Praise of His Glory, 
May Youth Events:

May 3- Parent Meeting after church Sunday Morning

May 16th- Benji and Lauren’s Wedding 

May 23- Youth help with the Men's Chicken Cooking! Please come and support the Baptist Men in their efforts.